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FREE Idaho DMV Road Signs Permit Practice Test 2019 | ID

A portion of the knowledge test for your Idaho driver’s license or instruction permit will focus on road signs. The written exam is based on the 2019 Idaho Driver’s Manual and you’ll need to score an 85% to pass. Although there will be 40 multiple-choice questions on your test, this DMV practice test will focus only on Chapter 3 of the manual, which concerns road signs. The topic of road signs encompasses everything from traffic signs, traffic lights, and roundabouts, to curb markings and railroad crossings. You should be able to communicate both what a sign means, and what actions are expected or are restricted based on the signage. When you’re ready for your written exam, which is offered in 11 other languages if you are uncomfortable taking it in English, you can head to the DMV and take it for a $3 testing fee. In addition to taking the written exam, you’ll need to take a vision test, provide proof of identity and residence, show parental consent and school attendance if you’re a minor, prove you’ve completed a driver’s education course if you’re under 17, and pay a $15 fee for your physical license.

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