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FREE Idaho DMV Marathon Practice Test [150 Questions] 2018 | ID

Anyone under 17 must complete a minimum six-month period of supervised driving with an instruction permit before they can advance to a graduated driver’s license in Idaho. To get your permit, you’ll need to pass a 40-question knowledge test based on the 2018 Idaho Driver’s Manual by answering at least 34 of the questions correctly. The test will be multiple-choice and focus on traffic laws, safe driving techniques, road signs, and fines and limits. The written exam will be offered at your local DMV and requires a $3 testing fee, and a $15 permit fee. You’ll also be required to pass a vision test and prove you’ve completed a driver’s education course, as well as provide paperwork proving identification, residency, parental consent if you’re a minor and school attendance if you’re under 18. This DMV marathon practice test can be great study tool: it contains all 150 questions from our Idaho DMV practice tests, which are just like the questions you’ll see on your exam, and the test will not stop until you’ve answered every single one correctly.

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